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Industry Speakers
                      Owner of

In 2001, Brian and his wife Olga founded and continue to operate it to this day.  It has grown to be the largest website of it's kind.
In 2004 they introduced LifeStyleMagazine as the industries true periodical.  
In 2006, a new concept was dreamt up by the team, International Swingers Day was created as the only holiday and celebration for swingers world wide.
2008 brought in the recesion, but that didn't stop Brian and Olga.  Instead, they decided to expand, hire people and press on to grow SwingLifeStyle.

2010 saw the beginning of ToplessTravel which the couple are stakeholders in.2011 was a huge year for the duo as they brought LifeStyleMagazine back to life, kicked off their own branded convention series as InternationalSwingersDay the convention and signed a contract to take over the Palms in Las Vegas for InternationalSwingersDay 2013 Convention a.k.a. VegasExchange 2013.

Owners of Castaways Travel

James and Champagne, since 1984, have owned both Castaways Travel and its parent company, Fox Travel/American Express Representative near Houston, Texas.  With 10 employees, their company arranges both individual vacations and cruises as well as group trips to worldwide destinations.  Both are Certified Travel Counselors, Master Cruise Counselors and Destination Specialists and serve as a Host Couple for many Castaways group trips but also are Certified Hosts for the American Express Mariner Club cruise program.

Owner of Topless Travel

Joe currently oversees the day to day affairs for Topless Travel, a lifestyle Travel agency that primarily services SLS Members, but partners with other agencies and swing clubs to produce successful lifestyle group events. Topless has hosted events at Hedonism in Jamaica, Desire in Mexico, Caliente Caribe in the DR, and is the largest seller of Cruise Cabins for the well known Lifestyle Cruises.  Joe has 17 years experience in the group travel business.

He previously operating the Playboy Travel Club; an exclusive agency which hosted events in some of the most exotic locations around the world. He has a unique way of putting people together in a way that benefits all parties involved by negotiating agreements between resort operators, hotels, other travel agencies, club owners, and party groups where everyone ends up making a profit and perpetuates good will with all of their clients and members.

National Coalition of Sexual Freedom (NCSF)

 Vivienne Kramer has been active participants of several working boards of feminist and kink organizations since 1989 as either Treasurer or Chair. Her resume includes 17 years with the New England Leather Alliance (1995-2012), Greater Boston NOW (1989-2009), the  National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (starting in 2002) and was one of the Co-Chairs of Leather Leadership Conference #7, held in Boston in April 2003. She identifies as a dedicated sexual freedom activist and now lives in Southern California. She has been honored by Black Beat for her work with People of Color, the National Leather Association: International and other local and national leadership groups.

  Owner of Couples Cruise

Wayne has been in the lifestyle for 25 years - as a club owner in Toronto ,  doing private groups to exotic cruise destinations and finally chartering FULL SHIP TAKEOVERS, with his partner Bob  at COUPLES CRUISE . Being an entrepreneur in the lifestyle industry is still a part time job , as he also owns a factory manufacturing medical equipment in Canada and has 5  marketing offices throughout North America .

GM Trapeze - Fort Lauderdale 

Little Allen has been the Marketing and Promotions Director for the world famous Trapeze Club for the past 15 years along with being the General Manager and host of the club.

He has represented Trapeze at numerous conventions throughout the years and established his own personal identity and reputation among Lifestylers for many years.

Founder of NASCA International
                      President of LifeStyles Organization

Robert McGinley, Ph.D., with wife Geri McGinley, operated one of the longest running swing clubs in Southern California (1964 - 2007), originated lifestyle couples' tours, the lifestyle convention and south through NASCA to unit swing clubs in a community. He is an accomplished speaker, has lectured at many colleges and appeared on more than 100 television and radio shows including Donahue, Sally Jesse Rafael, Tom Snyder, Winfrey and the Playboy Channel. He fought the State Of California and had a major part of the state‚Äôs Alcohol & Beverage Control Board law overturned by the 9th Circuit Court. Following a four year retirement Robert is again promoting the lifestyle as a consultant and speaker. 

Owner of Velvet Curtain

Scott Streit is a computer scientist specializing in Semantic Web, Cloud Computing and Relational Database processing. He was introduced to lifestyle by his wife, Debbie, on their first date. Debbie had a dream to own a club, but Scott would only do it if they owned the building and all parking lots. In July 2010, they purchased the land and building of their current club called Velvet Curtain (VC) and opened the doors on December 31, 2010. Together they have learned the in's and out's of running a club, dealing with the City, Attorney's and the like. 

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