Vegas Exchange 2016
That I/We seek to obtain membership for the 2016 Vegas Exchange and agree to the following terms and conditions:
That I/We desire to become a member of the Vegas Exchange and in the course of attending certain functions and private activities, I/We am/are fully aware and accept that I/We may view some sexual activities that I/We may not have been previously exposed to nor considered or even would consider undertaking on my/our own. I/We acknowledge that proper attire must be worn when entering or leaving the premises designated as private areas for the Vegas Exchange members only within the resort and that at all times that I am requested or required to wear a designated membership badge to attend certain functions or gain access to certain private areas, I will do so and agree that I/We can be refused admission to any event or venue for failure to do so.

That I/We acknowledge and accept that I/ We have received and read a copy of all rules
and regulations from the Vegas Exchange, including what is contained or posted in any promotional materials, contracts or onsite signage, as well as the rules and regulations contained in this document. I/We acknowledge and accept that no cameras, video, or audio recorders are permitted within the designated private areas and that as a courtesy to other attendees, any pictures or recordings I do take in any common areas will only be done with the express permission of any potential subjects.

I/We understand that the possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated at all and that there are designated areas that will be alcohol free. I accept that anyone discovered with illegal· drugs, whether or not they are holding for others, using, or selling, will have their membership immediately revoked and will be turned over to the proper authorities. I/We acknowledge that Prostitution will not be tolerated and anyone soliciting or even jokingly discussing prostitution will have his or her membership revoked. I/We further acknowledge and accept that undertaking any illegal activity may result in my/our forfeiture of membership, removal from the premises, or arrest and that both Vegas Exchange and the venue will make a concerted effort to enforce all rules and local laws as it applies to all members.
I/We recognize that it is the goal of the Vegas Exchange to provide a safe and clean environment for the safety of this event and for all attendees. I/We are aware that the Vegas Exchange welcomes all people wishing to attend including any public servants, law enforcement personnel, safety officers or other people who wish to attend in a personal and private capacity as opposed to their official or professional position.

I/We acknowledge that we are not attending in the capacity of a law enforcement or government agent and have either previously disclosed in writing or by signing this application, acknowledge and attest now that if I/We maintain those positions, are not working in the capacity as a government, law enforcement or undercover agent for any agency during the course of the event.

That I/We are comfortable and accept nudity and do not find it to be offensive. Nor am I/We offended by any kind of sexual activity between consenting adults including sex between multiple people, regardless of the sexes of the people involved, and I/ We do not find sexual activity in an open area or group setting to be offensive either. Regardless of whether I/ We have not considered these sexual activities, as long as they are between consenting adults they are not offensive to me/us. That I/We am not offended and it does not intrude upon my rights to be asked to join in any activities mentioned above by any persons and that I/We understand that I/We can freely refuse to participate in any fashion.

Finally, I acknowledge and accept that I was neither coerced nor pressured into signing this membership agreement nor was I taking any medication or under the influence of anything that would otherwise impair my ability or capacity to read and understand all conditions of this membership agreement and under penalty of perjury, I freely affirm my agreement and acceptance of all terms as outlined above.

VE Membership App