1pm Navigating the lifestyle

If you are a new , old hat or just dipping your toes, this seminar will have something for everyone.  From learning the lingo ( Vanilla, Unicorn, bareback, soft swap,etc) to the abbreviations on websites (HWP, TG, SRO, NS, BBS)

Hosted by Brian Depenbrock Owner of Swing Lifestyle

Athena Ballroom

2PM A  New Era has Arrived

How Society is finally entered a phase of Sexual openness and acceptance

presented by Kelley Drake of

Athena Ballroom

3pm Make her squirt! *  

Does squirting really exist and if so can anyone do it?  Don’t be silly only girls can squirt, and yes it’s real!   Just about every woman can do it and  who better to learn from than a former Porn Star!  Presented by  Jeff James  making women squirt since the 80’s.

Athena Ballroom 

4:30 pm Lifestyle in Canada and what to expect at a Canadian Lifestyle Club.

Presented By Fatima Mechtab

Event and Marketing Director for Oasis Aqualounge.

Fatima has toured the US and been on Radio talk shows discussing the Lifestyle in Canada and what to expect at a Canadian Lifestyle Club.

Athena Ballroom:


11am: Hotter Oral Tricks:

You already rock your lovers’ world, but even the best of the best can learn a few new tricks. Join Dr. Jess as she shares her favorite tips and techniques from her latest book, The New Sex Bible. You’ll laugh, learn and even get a chance to practice your skills on some edible props should the mood strike you.

Athena Ballroom


Sexual Performance Enhancement Solutions, by

Presented by Mike Aruta

Have Viagra & Other Erection Pills Let You Down?

If you have Premature Erection Loss, bad side effects from erection pills, E.D. due to diabetes or prostate or other medical problems, come learn about treatments that enable you get hard in minutes & stay hard as long as you want to with no side effects.

Parthenon 5

1pm : Do you Hedo?

Have you been to Hedonism II lately? There have been some major changes to the resort over the past couple of years.  Find out about all the wonderful changes that have happened and the upcoming changes to this amazing resort

Presented by Kevin Levee Managing Director/General Manager.

Athena Ballroom

2pm How Club Owners can increase profits with little effort

This seminar will teach club owners and party group operators how to offer existing or self branded travel events to

their members in a profitable manner that won’t require additional staff or effort on  the part of the club owner.

Presented by Joe Giantonio Owner of Topless Travel

Parthenon 5

2:30 pm Swingers 202

Presented by the Dominatrix of Ditties

Athena Ballroom

4pm Toys, Toys Toys

Cummmm and join the fun with Wendy Adams, CEO of TEDDY LOVE ADULT TOYS, and inventor of TEDDY LOVE!!!!

We’ll discuss various, controversial, sexual topics pertaining to the Sexual Revolution of the 21st Century, laugh, have live audience participation and demonstrations, get aroused, give adult toys away, and enjoy an all female-audience..

Athena Ballroom

4:30 pm: Compliance with local Fire & Safety Regulations

Presented by Fire Marshall Ken

If you own a club, hotel party group or hold house parties, you don’t want to miss what Fire Marshall Ken has to say to keep you out of harms way and your party going. This workshop will focus on dealing with difficult Fire Inspectors and how to protect yourself.

Parthenon 5

5pm Traveling Topless

Let Topless Travel show you the best places to get naked and have fun around the world!

Hosted by Sexy Shelley owner of Topless Travel

Athena Ballroom


11am How to Phuck like a Porn Star

How to “Phuck like a porn star”…Well that’s it, we teach you the tricks of real porn stars. Tricks that will help you keep it going, stay focused, over engineering your hard-on, and positions to give you the reputation of “The Couple” to play with. Stop Phucking like you love them and start Phucking like a porn star!  We go over stretching techniques, food and diet changes and enhancing drugs. How to put on a condom with your teeth, and finishing like a pro!

Athena Ballroom 

1pm- 3:30 Girls Only Meet and Greet and Playtime

It’s Girl time, no Guys allowed.

Hosted by Div D of SLSeXchange

Meet & Greet held at the Pegasus Bar and playtime in the Playroom 😉

 1pm -3pm Positive Masculinity

Want to be THAT guy?  The one the ladies chase?  You’ve seen him at the club, he seems to  know everyone and picks which girls are his tonight, they seem to line up before him.  You CAN be that guy, this free seminar teaches you some of the basic things that modern society has stripped away from most men.

Hosted by Brian Depenbrock Owner of Swing Lifestyle.

Athena Ballroom

2:00 pm  Lube and the Lifestyle

Hosted by Swiss Navy

Learn about all of our products that are designed to heighten your sexual pleasure.   Find out about  all the amazing products we offer from lube to help you last to one designed  for Anal play.  We have it all.
Athena Ballroom

3pm Swinger 202 Seminar

Presented by the Dominatrix of Ditties

Athena Ballroom

4pm Hotter Sex Play for Two:  Hosted By Dr Jess 

This is an exclusive Vegas Exchange engagement for couples that builds upon the skills practiced in the Hotter Oral Tricks session. All you need is a partner, lube and an open mind…

Playroom (please get to this presentation at least 15 mins early)

4:00pm How to get found online 

Presented by Brian Depenbrock

Owner of Swing has long been the highest ranked lifestyle site on google, yahoo and bing. Attend this seminar to learn the three, top 10 list (30 items in all) you can utilize to double or even triple your exposure and customer base.

Athena Ballroom

5pm Blissful Cruising

Learn about Swingers life at Sea

Hosted by Wayne K Partner Bliss Cruise